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March 25

Most camps are sold out or have just a few spaces left!

January 5
Summer camps  registration with the City of  Ottawa begins January 16th. Should you need a barode, you can email us.

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Innovative Courses for Hi- Tech Kids

Welcome to FUTUREKIDS Ottawa!

Since 1996, FUTUREKIDS Ottawa has been a leader in providing computer camps and workshops for kids in the Ottawa area. FUTUREKIDS combines the latest technology and software with experienced, certified teachers to deliver an enriched technology program where kids learn to master computers in a fun environment. Our approach emphasizes small group instruction, co-operative learning and motivating kids to learn and producing a sense of achievement through creating spectacular projects.

Nearly 20,000 campers, both those serious about a career in computer technology and those who just want to explore what computers can do, have attended FUTUREKIDS in the past. We have grown by word-of-mouth, repeat campers and because we offer:

  • traditional camp activities

  • several convenient & safe locations

  • Kids learn while they have FUN!

Welcome to Futurekids
Arduino, Game Design, Girls in camp

We offer fun & educational COMPUTER CAMPS throughout the Ottawa area using the latest technologies and taught by Ontario Certified teachers.

With 16 different camps, our curriculum is tailored to kids’ unique interests.


Summer Locations

Futurekids Locations

We have 5 locations in the Ottawa area run with a camp partner (

  • all camps have pre & post supervision at no charge.

  • choice of two camps at each locations

  • all camps half day computers instruction + half day Day camp provided by our camp partner

  • Prices reflect a camp run during a 5-day week. Camps are less for Canada Day and Civic Holiday weeks


    • In person at a City of Ottawa Client Service Centre for our City locations or the RA Centre

    • by phone during business hours

    • Online: City of Ottawa

Westboro - Soloway Community Centre: 21 Nadolny Sachs Private. - (613) 798-9818

St. Laurent Complex - 525 Cote St (near St. Laurent/McArthur) -(613) 742-6767

ORLEANS:  Fallingbrook Elementary School (679 Deancourt Cres,) - (613) 580-4765


Camps: $319.23 for a 5 day week ($255.38 for a 4 day)             

to see a week by week schedule of what camps are run each week by location, click here



No matter what area of computer technology your son/daughter might be interested in - we have the camp for them! Camps are week long and tend to focus on one or two technology areas..

  • Recommended ages are guidelines only. It is also a factor of current grade and day camp age range

  • We usually recommend campers do not repeat camps, especially in the same summer, so they learn skills in a variety of technology areas


Minecraft Mania I (ages 7-9)

The name says it all! Learn computer skills in programming, animation, web creation and graphics. You'll be creating your own Minecraft® themed web site that will be published online, comic book and an interactive cartoon game that can be played online with your friends. You can even tell your parents you're going to camp to learn stuff!


Claymation Mania  (ages 8-11)

Create your own character to star in this summer's big blockbuster. Campers will have the opportunity to create their own Claymation/Stop Motion movie. This process includes story board development, creation of claymation characters, building of set and props, instruction in digital claymation filming video editing and special effects.Your imagination’s the limit, as you make little creatures and then force them to do your bidding.  Campers have the choice whether to use traditional clay characters or use Lego® minifigures (campers are allowed to bring in their own Lego® or any poseable figures they want to bring to life. We also have a big collection of Lego® Star Wars figures) or Minecraft figures.  In either case sound and special effects (more emphasis will be on special fx than in previous years) can be added to their movies including getting their characters to fly. The software we use can be used by kids as well as professional studios. In fact it is a partner of Aardman Animations Ltd., the makers of Wallace & Gromit as well as having been used by numerous animators to make Oscar winning and nominated films. Parents: This camp is a very 'hands-on' camp and though less technical than our other computer camps.


Game Developer Extreme  (ages 10-14)

2D games continue to be just as popular especially on a mobile platform. Want to make your own video game this summer? Campers go through the creative game-making process from the designing stage to completing game that can be exported to any platform; MacOS, Windows or mobile. You’ll create a complex, realistic video game with your own and provided graphics. This course is user-friendly, exciting and challenging and is perfect for aspiring game designers or those who just love to play games and see what is involved in making them.  It’s the perfect springboard from Scratch and to Unity Game Design.



3D Modeling Factory (ages 11-14)

UPDATED for 2022: You will learn skills in 3D modeling and animation by modeling an alien, light saber and a game character using a professional level application used numerous big name movies and games.  Gain new skills in modeling characters and assets for a 3D game and see them animated and in action in a real game you can take home! This camp enables kids to work with cutting edge technology to better help them prepare for their futures. Projects include modeling a Star Wars weapon, a simple Pokemon & Star Wars character and animating a Minecraft character.


Pokémon XP (ages 8-10)

This camp for Pokemega Fans features the opportunity to learn some game making basics along with 2D graphics and animations while connecting with like minded Pokemon enthusiasts! During the week of programming campers will be making three cool projects; your own customized trading card, a cartoon animation and an awesome Pokémon® style game.


3D Game programmer Jr  (ages 8-10)

Design your own 3D arcade games! Create your own 3D worlds, choose a character and enemies, then program your game. We'll guide you through four different PC games that can be taken home and shared with your friends and best of all you get the software to create your own games at home. Games made can use either a mouse, touch interface or a XBOX-style controller.



Star Wars meets Harry Potter meets The Avengers!! Campers, ( aka the "the movie crew") will star in an epic movie trailer filled with action and Special Effects. This camp covers pre-production planning, shooting as well as post-production; sequencing, editing, adding sound and music, titles, and credits. The coolest part will be when campers are introduced to how movie special effects from their favourite movies are created. You will see how lasers, explosions, superhero powers and fire can be created! The movie will use footage filmed at camp as well as video created using 'CG' (Computer Generated) effects.

At the end of camp, your finished product will be burned onto DVD or MP4 file and you get to take the software home so you can make your own movies with special FX and then upload them to YouTube to share with friends.


UNITY  Game Design  (ages 11-14)

In this camp you will take the next step and design and program your very own  games using the professional game engine Unity, which was used to make nearly half of all mobile games.  Get introduced to the essential game design concepts including game asset creation, programming basics, the Unity development environment and designing a mobile app. It is recommended for 11 year olds that they have taken Game Maker Extreme or Minecraft Modding first.


Lego EV3 Robotics Extreme  (ages 8-10)

Kids will explore the exciting world of robotics and create robots that can interact with their environment and solve a variety of challenges by adding a variety of sensors and

motors. Kids solve a variety of fun and challenging problems with an exciting end of camp Sumo competition.


Minecraft Animator  (ages 8-10)

A whole camp devoted to making your own Minecraft animations, skins and worlds while you learn essential graphic, animation, 3D modeling and video editing skills. (Though we won’t be playing Minecraft, all activities are Minecraft themed).


RPG Maker Extreme  (ages 10-14)

Your Quest Begins Here!
Develop your own strategies, fantasy characters and secret quests. You'll learn to design your own worlds to make two different looking Role Playing Games. This course develops problem-solving skills and will stretch your imagination.  Campers of all skill levels create their own virtual worlds, challenging quests, complex environments, models, dungeons and buildings and their won characters.  A copy of the games created during the week can be taken home and new this year, your game can be exported to a wide variety of platforms including Windows, Mac and Android/iOS.


Toon Game Factory   (ages 11-14*)

Get started on a career in animation. Learn essential animation principles to create animated characters and then bring them to life. Part of the focus will be creating graphics (sprites) for 2D game development and using them in an actual game you can take home. See how awesome results can be achieved without being an artist.

to see a week by week schedule of what camps are run each week by location, click here


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