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Our mission is to help students develop mastery of technology that is critical to their future.


By becoming powerful and knowledgeable computer users, the Futurekids gain lifelong computer skills that will provide them with an advantage at school and benefit them the rest of their lives.


We offer computer camps during the summer and March Break.


FUTUREKIDS in Ottawa was founded in 1996 with the expressed purpose of equipping children with the basic computer skills needed to excel in school and challenge their creativity and ingenuity. We are a locally owned company having taught nearly 20,000 students since 1996. We have been featured on CJOH, CTV2, CBC TV and CBC Radio as well as the Ottawa Citizen. We are a locally owned and operated company and a strives to be active in the community. .

About Us

FUTUREKIDS makes computer technology accessible to all children and lead the kids of today to be analytic and comprehensive thinkers of the future. At FUTUREKIDS we take great strides to ensure that our programming is affordable and available.

Our teachers: Our incredible staff sets us apart and makes us the best choice for a camp that combines fun and learning. FUTUREKIDS proudly recognizes its staff which is comprised solely of Ontario Certified Teachers who love teaching technology to kids. In addition many of our teachers hold a Computer Science or Engineering degree. This level of expertise ensures your child's experience is both fun, education and is delivered by those who love to do so. Our campers are exposed to the latest  hardware and software while learning the newest applications.
Most also possess other qualifications; speaking a second language, Computer Science degree etc. and all share one trait - the love of teaching technology. Meet Our Staff

Our programs: Our students, regardless of the learning environment, receive hands-on, small class instruction to ensure a high-level of personalized attention and can advance at their own pace.

We run our curriculum using a cooperative learning model so campers are paired up, two to a PC, maximizing learning through cooperative, project-based learning.

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