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Q:Why do you use Certified teachers as instructors?

A:FUTUREKIDS is foremost a technology education company, whose mission it is to teach computer mastery to students. Our teachers are not just computer literate but have the experience and skills necessary to teach kids in a dynamic and fun environment, coupled with our specially developed curricula. It is a very different methodology to teach computers to kids versus adults. As a policy, we do not use high school or university students as staff as they are not trained to teach.

Q:How can you teach programming to kids?

A:Students if taught properly using an age appropriate programming environment can learn basic programming concepts as well as developing problem solving skills that can be carried forward to other academic areas. Special care is taken writing curriculum specifically for kids to teach programming essentials and learn strategies in critical thinking & problem solving. There is a recommended progression in courses; from 3D Game Programmer Jr. or Robotics to Game Maker Extreme to App Maker Extreme, however no camp has a pre-requisite just recommendations. With each course, students progress to an environment where more 'hard coding' is needed. We do NOT however use any of the click & create game development applications. Please feel free to contact us should you want to know more.

Q:Do campers play computer games in your camps?

A:FUTUREKIDS believes learning can be fun and does not use 'edutainment' software in it's programs. Campers learn defined computer/technology skills but in a fun and supportive environment. As for games, I would rather teach kids how computer games are made and foster an appreciation for the power of computer technology and encourage kids to pursue in one of the many careers computer technology can offer. What is the student to staff ratio in your courses and the class sizes? Game play is typically limited to testing the games they are making.

Q:What is your student:teacher ratio?

A:It varies for the different camps, with a lower ratio for the camps for younger students. Camps have 16-20 students, with a ratio ranging from 6-10 students per teacher, with a max 0f 10.

Q:What software do you use and does it differ from software typically bought in stores?

A:FUTUREKIDS is an educational partner with many of the leading educational software companies. Many applications we use are also recommended by computer/technology education sites as the best in their category. FUTUREKIDS sets out software standards that all franchises adhere to in the effort to use the most up to date applications. Though some of our specialized camps only use one software program, most used several software applications that are in a certain category (e.g. web design, multimedia etc.). Software titles are chosen to be rated as leaders in their category and suitability for teaching.

Q:Why are your camps only half-day computers?

A:We believe in not having all-day computers so campers get a balanced day and don't spend an excessive amount of time in front of a computer monitor, even if they're having fun and learning. Five half-days is sufficient time to teach the technology objectives set out in our curriculum and for students to produce a projects they can be proud of.

Q:Is FUTUREKIDS only for gifted students?

A:Although many students taught are 'gifted' or very computer literate, our programs can accommodate students of all levels. Our student:teacher ratio is very low and we strive to to teach students at their own pace. Advanced students will be taught as fast as they can learn and want to be shown more advanced concepts and skills.

Q:Are there camps in French?

A:All courses are typically taught in English, but assistance is usually offered in French as many of the staff are bilingual.


Q:Do you have waiting lists?

A:Our registration is handled by our camp partners and they all have a waiting list procedure. However spaces can sometimes open up the Friday before camp starts due to illness or vacation plan changes) and it often possible to call our partners to see if a space has opened up.

Q:Do you allow children with special needs?

A: Most certainly. Locations run in partnership with the City also have assistants (when available). We do ask that parents inform our camp partner when registering. Nearly half our staff have Special Education qualifications and are all trained and experienced in dealing with a variety of students, so it is better if we have this information before-hand.

There are, however, certain camps more suited to those with certain learning disabilities. Please email us and we can recommend what camp is best suited for your child.

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